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The research of the Dynamic and Smart Systems Laboratory is on the development and application of smart materials. Biomedical systems is one of the main areas of development with the emphasis on developing medical devices through the use of smart materials. We also perform basic research on magnetorheological fluids, piezoelectric materials, magnetic and thermally activated shape memory materials. In addition to research and development, the lab provides an active educational environment for both undergraduate and graduate students with the main focus of smart material systems.

Have a medical device idea/need

In addition to the technical ‘know-how’ and the necessary capital investment, the success of a medical device company in bringing innovation to the market hinges on the following studies and assessments. In collaboration between colleges of medicine, engineering and business, we offer a comprehensive approach to companies and innovators.

As a central part of a medical device innovation collaborative, a Nitinol commercialization accelerator (NCA) has been organized through a $10 million investment by the State of Ohio Wright Project Center, the Cleveland Clinic, NASA Glenn Research Center, Norman Noble Inc., the University of Toledo, and Case Western Reserve University. The Nitinol commercialization accelerator is dedicated to the development and commercialization of Nitinol products, and will be located at facilities such as Case Institute of Technology, the Cleveland Clinic, and the University of Toledo.

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Please note that we are always looking for motivated students. Please visit where you can find all the information related to the application process. In your communication you can mention that you are interested in working in our lab. Once you are admitted feel free to contact Dr. Elahinia. In your email identify the project you would like to work on. Prior experience with the technologies used in our lab such as additive manufacturing, laser sintering, heat treatment, finite element analysis, and design is a plus.